Heart 2 Heart Marriage Ministry - seeks to strengthen and encourage couples to build stronger marriages. This ministry is for all Married Couples no matter the length time married.

Evangelism Ministry - a comprehensive ministry strategy for winning unbelievers to Christ through church-wide training and development. The Evangelism Ministry helps all believers take advantage of opportunities to make known the message of the gospel to the unsaved.

Visitation and Caring Ministry – mission is to visit the nursing home and/or transitional homes helping to bring love, comfort and companionship.

Sound Ministry - to assist the media department in providing quality sound system support throughout the entire facility with an emphasis on the needs relating to the Worship Center

Media Ministry - the technical branch of our ministry. We are committed to making sure that all technical aspects of our worship service are of the best quality.

Prophetic Dance Ministry - mission is to minister the gospel through the ministry of expressive worship in dance.

First Impressions Ministry - consists of the Ushers and Greeters. The greeters are the first contact when entering the church. They set the tone and atmosphere of the church when guests and visitors are at the doors and entrance of church. The Ushers assist members and guests in finding seating in the sanctuary and offering collection. They control the traffic flow in/out of the sanctuary, support pastoral staff and servant leadership team.

First Friends Ministry – are available to meet and follow up with our guest making sure that they are available to answer questions and prayer when need.

Kingdom Kids Ministry - available to any parent or guardian with small children from ages 3-12 years old. We believe that teaching and training our children in the ways of God are essential in their spiritual growth.

Praise Team – young adult ministry of praise and worship. To help usher the presence of God through the ministry of song.

Ray of Hope- outreach ministry that assist in the needs of the community. Working together to help make a social and economic impact on the community and in the lives of the families

Our Journey of Hope – OJOH Cancer Care Ministry – in-reach/outreach to the church and community to assist with the needs of the cancer patients and family members. To encourage and explain the healing love of God.


This page includes our weekly service times, and information about ministries within the church. We invite you to come join us and take part in our services. We believe our lives are designed to worship the creator and that each of us as we go about our day doing whatever we are called to do, should practice the presence of God in our lives. Practicing his presence leads to a blessed life, filled with joy peace.